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    Rectified oil of Turpentine


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    Rectified oil of Turpentine

    Post  crossroadbeagles on Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:23 am

    Rectified oil of Turpentine is very similar to tea tree oil, but stronger, and in some cases better. However, unlike tea tree oil turpentine can be dangerous. however when used wisely, spirits of rectified oil of Turpentine has been ever bit as useful, in some cases even more useful, than tea tree oil, as Turpentine is a multi-faceted compound that has served man for decades. Understanding which turpentine to use can be confusing. All forms are derivatives of pine resin, and all have been used as healing agents since antiquity. Even pine tar water can be given to animals with chronic coughs. The tar can be used internally, and externally both as a stimulant and as an antiseptic for skin conditions. As a rubdown for dogs in keep, pine tar relieves sore muscles. The distilled resin of pine tar yields oil of Turpentine which can be applied as an external stimulant for rheumatic conditions and sprains. Internally, the oil of Turpentine will kill parasites and (when used in a vaporizer) it can also be useful treating for lung infections, to the extent nearly all of the cold & flu products used by Vicks contain turpentine. Even simple pine oil is put into all kinds if ointments and liniments that are used for skin eruptions suc as hot spots, eczema, and psoriasis. in fact, pine oil and sulfur are the sole active constituents in the time-proven dog product NU-STOCK, which has been treating skin problems for years. Yet all NU-STOCK is comprised of is nothing but sulphur, Mineral oil, and Pine oil. NU-STOCK uses the basic Pine oil. OR for a bit stronger product that uses the more refined turpentine you can use Nature's Magic

    Natures Magic healing poultice is a superior alternative to NU-STOCK. using real turpentine (and not just pine oil) and by putting the sulfur and pine oil in a food-grade (not industry grade) mineral oil base, this new product is so thick that even rain can't wash it off. which keeps the medicine on your dog where it belongs. you can find this product at www.johnkoerner.org/naturesmagic
    If you have pine trees near you, you can actually utilize their "offerings" medicinally, as a simple homemade way to impart similar benefits to canine skin problems (hot spots, ringworm, etc.) is just to gather fresh pine needles, pine twigs and resinous pine cones cut them in pieces, and simmer for alf hour in fresh water. strain the juices and add it to a warm shampoo bath, which will disinfect the entire coat. For direct application, trough, nothing can beat rectified oil of Turpentine.

    Thanks to The Dog Owner's Little Black Book

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    Re: Rectified oil of Turpentine

    Post  New Leaf on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:30 am

    That sounds like a winner,thanks.

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