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    something to chew on.... Empty something to chew on....

    Post  HOLLABACK on Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:56 pm

    As everyone knows by know the referendum was a close call all the way around!..With everyone doing their part to the best of their ability!.....And with the final notion of they'll be back.....This definitely was a victory but left a butter taste knowing its just begun.....Rumors of campaign strategies,costs,lawyers fees,& time spent were probably under estimated to be honest..... This was a battle only a few really understand the depths of....We as hounds men/ women have plenty to chew on from this point forward.....With already a bill being presented now to stop just hounds and traps!.....as we all kinda knew that was gonna be next.....with funds exhausted and clubs being drained the thought of trying to bankroll a statewide amendment to stop out of state interest groups probably won't happen.....Sad but the truth.....Hiring lawyers to amend these laws and gain signatures and the financial burden to do this is out of the cards.....the legality of it all is beyond my comprehention.... Ask any lawyer what protocol for this would be and the timeline and money would be unfathomable..... With hounds men left with a target on our backs and being out there alone, where do we go from here?....And where will we get the financial support this time around?....as academy thought when we could get hit with a compromise that isn't in our best interests being were the weakest link...without a full time lobbyist like others have....
    My suggestion is simple....How many folks are members to any hound club in the state?....How many are active? Donate their time? Pay their dues?.... this simple question is what fuels our fight in every way.....the Msda has donated $9000.00 with coon clubs donating right around same amount this last fight......it was a big hit to small clubs....This is a prime example of what we do with membership money and trial money....and the support is needed.....We need every hound person in the state to join a local club as this fight is gaining....& paying dues isn't gonna be enough.... These clubs are gonna need support both financially and physically.... please take the time to think about what you can do to help your hound club that is fighting to keep our sport alive....even if you don't run.a.dog on coon show up and buy a hot dog or burger and be a judge.....help in that way.....even if you don't run bear show up and help!bring the family and buy a hat or shirt!.....this is a hound problem not just a bear problem...The Msda will be at Orono & Augusta sportsmen shows and will have raffle tickets,hats,shirts,& most importantly memberships.....PLEASE join and support anyway you possibly van.....Thanks!

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