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    IRS/HSUS ........


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    IRS/HSUS ........

    Post  HOLLABACK on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:01 pm


    By bombarding the IRS with letters and our elected officials with emails, we will call attention to the arrogant practices of the HSUS. We MUST fight back NOW or our battles may be over. It's time we stand up in unison and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!" We refuse to let those who are guided by misinformation and the lust for power take over our agriculture, wildlife management and ownership and enjoyment of animals.

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    For the last several years Attorney Frank Losey has been issuing Calls to Action asking animal owners to contact Members of Congress about the excessive lobbying activities and prohibited political campaign activities of the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) These Calls to Action resulted in thousands of emails and letters being sent by concerned citizens in all 50 States to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to their respective Members of Congress. While it is true that most Members of Congress literally and figuratively sent non-responsive responses back to their constituents, ALL DID NOT! To date, 27 Members of Congress from 15 different states have forwarded the concerns expressed by their constituents about the HSUS either to the IRS; or to the Treasury's Inspector General; or to U.S. Attorneys in the Justice Department, including the U.S. Attorney General, or to all three Offices! And each of the 27 Members of Congress specifically mentioned, by name, the HSUS!

    The excessive lobbying and prohibited activities of the HSUS were documented by the more than 3,000 pages of documents methodically sent to the IRS by Frank over the last four+ years to develop a paper trail.

    View a  list of activities that the IRS considers merit an investigation of a charitable organization

    Charity Watchdog: HSUS Has Violated IRS Rules.
    We’ve long pointed to the Humane Society of the United States’ deceptive fundraising and poor marks from charity watchdogs, HSUS defending in a RICO lawsuit, and Members of Congress calling for a federal investigation of the group. It now appears that HSUS has filed years of incorrect tax returns with the IRS. Bloomberg News reports on a complaint we have filed against HSUS with the IRS, citing an accounting practice that inflates HSUS’s contributions—namely, counting donated air time as contributions. Read more ....  

    IRS’s Lois Lerner, ‘active member’ of Humane Society, may have delayed investigating group’s tax status.
    Lois G. Lerner, the embattled Internal Revenue Service official who apologized for improperly scrutinizing the tax-exempt status of conservative nonprofit groups, is a member of the Humane Society of the United States, a liberal animal advocacy organization. Lerner — the suddenly infamous IRS Exempt Organizations Division director — “is an active member of the Humane Society of the United States where her efforts in performing pet rescues necessitated by the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes were widely acknowledged,” according to her biography. Read more....  


    Use the links below to find your Congressional Senator and Reprsentative. Find the contact webform on their website. In the subject line add Investigate Excessive Lobbying Practices of HSUS



    Email Treasury's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) again urging they move forward with the IRS investigation to hold the HSUS accountable to the U.S. Tax Code.

    OIG EMAIL ADDRESS: Complaints@tigta.treas.gov (Subject: OIG Case File 55-1005-0025-C)
    OIG FAX: 202-927-7018
    OIG HOTLINE PHONE: 1-800-366-4484 (may be anonymous if you choose)
    OIG MAILING ADDRESS: Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, HOTLINE,
    P.O. Box 589, Ben Franklin Station, Washington DC 20044-0589

    The message to the OIG may be as simple as: "I am writing (calling) about your Case File Number 55-1005-0025-C; and the IRS Tax Fraud Case File Number 29-92012. Would you please direct that the IRS expedite its on-going investigation of the excessive lobbying activities of the Humane Society of the U.S. and its potential failure to report over $500 Million in revenue on its tax returns, all of which have been substantiated by over 1,400 pages of documents that the IRS has received. The IRS investigation is now over 3 years old, and should not be allowed to drag on any longer."


    119 Incriminating Examples Of Excessive, Prohibited And Under-Reported Lobbying By The Humane Society Of The United States (A Public Charity)  

    Grassroots Plan: How to Spay and Neuter the HSUS

    HSUS - Overview summary of excessive lobbying issue paper

    Download Talking Points and Fact Sheet  


    HSUS Dogged by calls for short IRS leash

    Missouri Congressmen ask Treasury Department to investigate HSUS' 501(C)(3) status

    Congressmen Sniffing out HSUS Lobbying  

    Why Is SAOVA Asking For The IRS To Investigate HSUS? by ESaunders AR-HR.com  

    Taking the Human Out of Humane

    Unpacking the HSUS Gravy Train

    Groups Allege HSUS Fraud  

    WSB-TV Investigates HSUS Fundraising Practises. Is There More?

    Did HSUS Violate the Lobbying Disclosure Act?  

    WZTV FOX 17 Newsroom: Special Report-Humane Society, Stacey Case  

    HSUS gets another D rating from American Institute of Philanthropy

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