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    good reads.......

    Post  HOLLABACK on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:09 am

    Sportsmen under fire and economy slowing dramatically by one group who calls themselves humane?
    That’s right the so called humane society is the number one enemy of sportsmen and a big contributor to our failing economy. When you make a donation to this group they return the favor by taking away your rights, your heritage and your way of life. How can this be we ask ourselves. It basically comes down this society playing upon emotions and peoples good hearts for use on their own agenda. They are getting more rich and powerful every year. You can thank a lot of rich movie stars, actresses, and singers for all the giant contributions this group gets, but not all of it of course. They receive a lot of money from just normal people just getting by like you and me. When I say rich I mean filthy rich. The humane society receives one hundred and sixty million a year. That comes out to a little more than thirteen million a month. They also have two hundred million dollars in assets. The old saying he who has the gold makes the rules carries a lot of clout. That is exactly what is coming to pass.
    The main man behind this group is Wayne Pacelle. He is a professional lobbyist, president and executive officer of the humane society. Wayne is the one responsible for getting issues placed on a ballot so that you can lose your rights and heritage. Wayne is responsible for leading the successful efforts to ban the use of bait and dogs in hunting bears bobcat and lions in Colorado in 1992. Massachusetts in 1996, Oregon measure 18 in 1994 and Washington in 1996 and California in 2012. He also has led the efforts to outlaw trapping in California 1998, Colorado 1996, Massachusetts 1996 and Washington 2000. He also led the efforts to ban morning dove hunting in Michigan proposal three 2006. He is also responsible for stopping the use of horses for consumption. So when your horse gets old and decrepid the only thing you can do is take her out to the land fill and dump her because its illegal to actually use them for a usefull purpose. Its been said that Wayne has stated in Montana that their ultimate goal is to abolish sport hunting altogether. Right now there just picking on small interest groups but as this type of hunting and trapping is outlawed they will move on to the next group and so forth. Eventually it wont be legal to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving day.
    How does this affect the economy? Well first is hunting licenses and tags. Then you can go to accessories such as guns, ammo, binoculars, clothing, hunting vehicles, gas,food tires, traps, outfitters,taxidermy, collars, tracking equipment mechanics,lodgeing, shoes and much more. All of these things have a direct relationship with hunting and if people are not hunting money is not getting spent. Much of the money goes back into improveing the enviroment for the species being hunted. When the public can not pursue or hunt a certain animal then it falls on the government trappers to control the population. The animal is still hunted but by government funded agency witch is funded by our tax dollars. So in all reality hunting continues and the economy takes a huge hit. This makes absolutely no sence whatsoever.
    What can we do? Well for one sportsmen need to unite. There are too many people out there that are just out for themselves and that is why we fail as a group. We need to respect everyones way of hunting, fishing and trapping. Two we need $$$$$$$$$$$$. He who has the gold makes the rules. Without money we are next to useless. Every group needs to make fund raisers and develop a war fund. Three everyone needs to inform there neighbor about what the humane society is doing. Stop funding the humane society. Did I mention they receive over thirteen million a month! These people are getting filthy rich. They do not need your hard earned money. If you feel you must donate money for a good cause. Then how about sending it to somebody who realy needs it. There are plenty of people that are starving and going with out medical care. Last and probably most important you can get a bill proposed to amend your state constitution. Idaho recently passed a bill Hjr2 that protects their rights to hunt fish and trap using traditional methods. It passed by a majority vote of seventy percent. I know the majority of states could get this passed if they could get it on their ballot. Wisconsin and several other states have also passed a similar amendment to its constitution. This amendment is like having a giant shield protecting our rights and heritage so that our kids may enjoy our traditions. Please use good judgement out in the field. Remember somebody is always watching. Conducting ourselves as good sportsmen and following the rules goes a long way in the public eye.


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    Re: good reads.......

    Post  DogChaser on Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:14 am

    That's absolutely right! For each dollar the Humane Society gets from your "donation" less than 1 penny per dollar actually goes back to the local shelters etc. They also raised money for Hurricane Sandy, pocketed millions and only a teeny fraction of it went to relief efforts! They MADE money off of a natural disaster! Their main objective is to end hunting, fishing and agriculture. So whether you run hounds, ride horses, milk cows or anything in between, they are coming to take it. It's sad to think that in some way "we" are paying them to take it away!

    Check this out! Apparently they've hired a lawyer and are going to try and push it to a vote! (Read page 18)



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    Re: good reads.......

    Post  Tree Garth on Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:33 am

    Watch this video ...http://www.wcsh6.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=2203223068001&odyssey=mod

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